Hines' Sight

Exclusivity at it's finest.

Welcome to Hines’ Sight by me, The Coach Chris.

I’ve wanted to start a newsletter for years now. It’s taken me some time but it’s here now.

My goal with Hines’ Sight is focused on three areas:

  1. Podcasting. I love hosting my show. Literally couldn’t imagine my life without it. So I’ll be giving my opinion on the industry trends and sharing the best strategies that have helped me over the past six years.

  2. Business. I’m an entrepreneur so yes, I have an opinion on everything business. I’ll be sharing the things I’ve learned from years of podcasting and working on my own companies.

  3. Self development. Somehow, I always end up in this space of ranting about personal growth. People love it so expect some systems to create the life you desire.

This newsletter is paid because I want this to be a space for those that are serious and focused. And paid platforms keep trolls out. Very few trolls show up when they have to pull out that debit card first.

Each week I’ll be releasing one exclusive podcast episode and one written post. We’ll have discussions on each.

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