A Major Factor to Wealth

One thing I’ve learned about wealth and making money.

Earning money isn’t difficult. It’s a lot easier to earn money now that it was fifty years ago. No, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. Opportunity has become equal.

There is one major factor at play for building wealth and earning money: value.

Now when I say value, yes I’m talking about your value as a human being. Everyone is afraid to say this but its the truth. The money you make is in direction correlation to the value that you bring to the world.

This shouldn’t scare you. Simply because our value can always be increased! Now more than ever, is it easier for humans to grow and develop.

Develop Skills

Skills are valuable but now that the world is changing, other skills are more valuable than others. Top skills right now are sales, coding and something like marketing. Some of these skills will never go away.

You obviously know that developing skills comes through reading, watching and true learning. But even that aspect has gotten easier. We have YouTube where you can watch millions of videos about any particular subject. You can also read the best books from your particular subject. Then you do have the opportunity to buy courses and pay for coaching to develop skills.

Developing skills has to become a focus if you want to be wealthy. Everyone that has money has developed some type of skills.

Unique Skills

What’s even better is if you can focus on developing skills that very few people have. I believe the research phase is very important when you’re focused on developing skills and becoming more valuable.

If you put all of your energy and effort into developing a skill that a lot of the world already has, it becomes useless. Be careful with the skills you select to develop.

Naval had a great podcast episode explaining how the most useful skills cannot be taught. If anyone can sit in the classroom and learn the same skill you are, then that skill just isn’t nearly as valuable.

It may seem paradoxical so let me make it simple: Develop skills but focus on the skills that can make you different and stand out.

Getting Started

If you aren’t where you want to be in life, you can change that. The most important thing in your life is focus. Once you decide on developing a skill and becoming more valuable, that needs to be a priority everyday.

I believe that a true no days off mentality is necessary to build a certain level of wealth. Most people don’t agree with that which is also why most people don’t build wealth.

Get focused on what you want!